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Ballymore Organic Farm


Hubert Flanagan

Founder & CEO

Born in 1968, I am a 3rd generation of a typical Irish beef and sheep farm family. My heart and soul always wanted to commit to organic vegetable farming. Therefore I converted my father's farm according to EU organic standards in 2009. I started growing vegetables in 2011 and gradually I have been able to expand my customer range to 2 local supermarkets, 2 local farmer's markets, restaurants and a variety of VegBox customers.

Since then I have been dedicated to expand my knowledge on sustainable, organic farming and continue to do so everyday. Not one day goes by without learning something new from my plants or my animals.

My goal is to be of service to people who want to nourishing, healthy, fresh and local food.

Bringing people and nature closer together, back to a symbiotic, thriving relationship, sparks joy as it gives my labour an overall purpose towards our Earth.

This is why I love my work.

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The Field

30 ha of grazing


2.5ha organic production

Our fields and polytunnel are situated in Ballymore, hence the name Ballymore Organic Farming. Since 2009 we are an EU organic certified farm.

Our commitment is to the maintenance and enhancement of water and soil quality, the preservation of regional ecological balances as well as the conservation and creation of biodiversity.

On our fields we do not use any herbicides, fungicides or other chemicals. We fertilize with organic components, such as manure.

We are dedicated to build our proficiency through observation of natural processes and constant engagement in educational actions. Each year we try to implement all of what we learned to provide our soil and plants and animals with the utmost care and possibility to thrive.


Our Products

organic, seasonal, hand-picked, local

We are growing potatoes, carrots, leeks, red and white onions, scallions, beetroot, cabbage, kale, chard and broccoli on our open fields.

Our polytunnel currently is home to tomatoes, courgettes, squash, spinach and another set of scallions. It also serves as a place where we can dry our onions in order to preserve them for a longer period of time.


get involved

We always need help!

Which is why we have welcomed volunteers into our home for the last decade through WWOOF Ireland .

In addition to this we open our farm to volunteer workers every Monday. We share our experience, work and laugh together, connect while putting our hands into healthy soil to harvest what our Earth is providing for us. In exchange for your time and efforts you can take home some of the freshly cropped food.

Join us today!

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